We welcome all contributions to the quantaq-cli.


Open and issue in the issue tracker for all support requests.

Reporting Issues

Report all issues in the issue tracker. When doing so, please include version information for:

  • Python

  • quantaq-cli

  • Operating System

Submitting Patches

All patches should be submitted as pull requests on the GitHub project.

  • Include tests if fixing a bug

  • Clearly explain what you’re trying to accomplish

  • Follow PEP 8. You can use the pep8 tox target for this


quantaq-cli uses coverage and unittest for testing. To run all tests, run:

$ poetry run coverage run -m unittest discover

We support a number of Python versions. Currently, we support and test for 3.6, 3.7, and 3.8. These tests are automated and run as GitHub actions on every pull request.