Getting Started#

Are you new to py-smps? Don’t worry, you’ve found the perfect place to get started!


The official release of py-smps can be installed from PyPI:

$ pip install py-smps [--upgrade]

If you’d like to install the most recent pre-release:

$ pip install py-smps --pre [--upgrade]

To install the most up-to-date development version directly from GitHub:

$ pip install git+<tag-or-version-or-branch>

Basic Usage#

To get up and running, it is as simple as loading the library and reading in some data (or using one of the example datasets available).

import smps

# Load the sample Boston dataset
obj ="boston")

# Compute the aerosol statistics, weighted by number
stats = obj.stats(weight='number')

Next Steps#

Take a look at the examples and guides in the Guides section for an in-depth overview of what the py-smps library is capable of!