Welcome to the py-smps docs!#

py-smps is an MIT-licensed Python package for analyzing and visualizing size-resolved aerosol data from a variety of aerosol sizing instruments. Instruments that are currently supported with officially-supported classes include:

  • TSI Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer

  • Grimm 11D Dust Decoder

  • Alphasense OPC-N2 and OPC-N3 Optical Particle Counters

  • Particles Plus Optical Particle Counters

  • QuantAQ MODULAIR and MODULAIR-PM Optical Particle Counters

The goal is to provide a single approach toward analyzing data from any instrument is a concise and open-sourced manner such that analysis pipelines are not built on proprietary algorithms or approaches. The library is licensed under an MIT license and is offically supported and maintained by QuantAQ, Inc, though the library originally was written by David H. Hagan during his PhD at MIT.


py-smps is licensed under the MIT license.

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