Welcome to the py-smps docs!

py-smps is an open-source python package to help analyze and visualize size-resolved aerosol data of any kind. These instruments may include the Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer (SMPS), Scanning Electrical Mobility Analyzer (SEMS), Grimm 11-D Dust Decoder, and more! While most of the existing analysis software for aerosol data is either proprietary or one-off scripts written by individual researchers/labs, here, we offer a single solution that can be used for any size-resolved aerosol data whether it is from a $75k SMPS or a $400 low-cost optical particle counter.

The python package is currently maintained by QuantAQ, Inc. and is available for use under the MIT license.

py-smps makes analyzing size-resolved particle data easy, regardless of the type of analyzer used.


py-smps is licensed under the MIT license.


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